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Is James Lehman’s Total Transformation Program Scam?

total transformation scamNOTE: This is a third party review, written by a guest author. Due to the fact that many parents are little unsure if the program is suitable for their children, I wrote a very detailed article about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Children, the driving method used in the program. Read the article here

Before answering the question if The Total Transformation Program by James Lehman is a scam, let me presume that you are already aware that there is a program called The Total Transformation available on the internet and the creator of the same is James Lehman.

There are plenty of James Lehman Total Transformation reviews on the Internet, but you probably still have have one question in your mind: To what extent can I trust James Lehman and is it worth buying the program? Or is The Total Transformation Program scam, just wanting to attract gullible new comers on the net, take their money and offer one of those run of the mill program which are available dime a dozen and most of them, even FREE.

What about the author himself? Is James Lehman scam – just someone without credentials trying to pose as an expert on child behavior?

Your questions are legitimate ones. Even I had the same question before I even spent my time writing Total Transformation reviews.

The subject matter deals with one of the most important issues of our life. How to deal with a child who has gone beyond the limits or borders on the limit of misbehavior and disrespect.

And it is still more important if you have identified the issue of ADD or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in your child or some child in your larger family. One would be willing to go to any length to get educated and skillful to deal with the issue of ADHD.

I heard of James Lehman and his program Total Transformation while watching the ads on TV. And I must say that I was very impressed with the video that I saw. But given my skepticism, the immediate question was ‘is it yet another scam?’ I dropped the idea completely.

Is Total Transformation Program NOT the right fit for your child’s need. Need a program that works for children suffering from panic attacks and anxiety? Click here to read my comprehensive review of Rich Presta’s Anxiety-Free Child Program

The subject matter deals with one of the most important issues of our life. How to deal with a child who has gone beyond the limits or borders on the limit of misbehavior and disrespect.

But I could not take it off my mind since I had a nephew who has been diagnosed as a possible case of ADHD. And mind you, only possible case. Therefore my hesitation to take him to a doctor or start medication for the same.
I had to get convinced that this program is worth not just the money but also my time.

Fortunately, the second issue got resolved easily. This program, whether you believe it or not, is FREE. In the sense, that the ad said that if we use the program and send the feedback about its efficacy or effectiveness (whether did it work or not?), the money will be refunded to us provided we send the feedback within 30 days.

In my case, I did not care to send it within 30 days, because I found the program truly helpful. It simply worked! You may not choose to do the same. It is perfectly alright to get the refund back if you so desire.

So the answer to the question, ‘Is James Lehman Total Transformation scam‘ is ‘No’. At least that has been my experience. But you might as well read some more reviews and experiences and become sure of this aspect before you spend your money or time on this program.

[EDIT BY ADMIN] It also should be noted, that the program can now be obtained completely for FREE, as James Lehman now offers the whole program for exchange of your feedback. So all you have to do is to get the program, send back a feedback, and the program will be free! Can’t go wrong with that offer.[END EDIT]

You can read the summary of the aspects of Total Transformation scam elsewhere so that even if someone is not interested in buying this program, he or she can still benefit out of the content and skills offered by this program through my writings. I have cared to do the same because I am in the field of human development and this would be my tiny contribution to the world of ADHD.

[EDIT BY ADMIN] Not sure if the methods the program uses can actually help? Not sure what is cognitive behavioral therapy and if it is going to work for your child? Read my comprehensive article on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children to find out. CBT is the primary method used throughout the whole Total Transformation program and in most cases, it works wonders; but it is not a “one size fits all” technique. Read more about CBT for children here.

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